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Dr. Jia Min Chin

Jia Min originally hails from the sunny island of Singapore. For her PhD studies, she trained under the supervision of 2005 Nobel Laureate Professor Richard R. Schrock at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where she studied N2 activation by Mo and W complexes.

After her studies, she returned to Singapore to serve at the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, IMRE where she helped to start the institute’s research on coordination polymers. In 2013, she set up and headed the Laboratory of Advanced Porous Materials at IMRE.

Her lab focused on the development of new porous materials such as coordination polymers or MOFs, understanding the self-assembly mechanisms of porous films, as well as studying new applications for soft porous materials such as dry liquids. In recognition of her research work, Jia Min was awarded the 2013 L’Oréal Singapore For Women In Science National Fellowship.

Jia Min joined the University of Hull’s Chemistry Department towards the end of October 2014. Her current research interests are bio-inspired materials exhibiting special properties such as structural colour, high strength and toughness as well as self-healing capabilities

Students & Post-Docs

Dr. Fei Cheng

I obtained my PhD in Waseda University (Japan), then moved to Southampton University for a post-doctoral stint. I am currently a PDRA at the University of Hull working on the synthesis and alignment of metal organic frameworks (MOFs) microrods and 3D printing bio-inspired MOFs microrods reinforced materials.


Zahraa Al-Mashaykhi

I received my BSc in Chemistry in 2005 and MSc in Analytical Chemistry in 2011 both from the Department of Chemistry of the University of Babylon, Iraq. Since 2011 I joined the University of Babylon as an Assistant Lecturer. I started my PhD project at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Hull in October 2015 with Prof. Gillian Greenway and Dr. Jia Min Chin as supervisors. Currently I work on renewable materials for environmental remediation. 

Ellis Marshall
My PhD research project focuses on the synthesis and formulation of novel composite materials that can be utilised for the 3D printing industry. The project is chemistry based with some aspects of engineering. I am currently developing a purpose-built 3D printer and have access to many types of 3D printers to be utilised throughout the project.

Polly Sanders

I completed a Masters degree in chemistry at the University of Hull in 2016 and remained at the university to begin a PhD in materials chemistry. My research concerns the 3D printing of composite materials with increased functionality.

Adam Young

I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Hull where I achieved a 1st Class honours degree in chemistry (MChem) and received the John Chipperfield memorial prize for outstanding achievement in inorganic chemistry. I started my PhD project in the Chin-Reithofer Research Group at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Hull in October 2016.

My research is focussed on developing amino acid/peptide systems that can be used as a surfactant in the synthesis of chiral NPs. Using a peptide system facilitates the potential for self-assembly of such NPs, and such systems could be exploited for their potential as metamaterials.

In conjunction with this work I also work on MOFs for a variety of different applications; synthesis, dynamic alignment, templating and anisotropic response. 

Areas of interest: organic chemistry, organometallic, nanoparticles, MOFs.

Lloyd Glanville

I am completing my undergraduate degree at the University of Hull, and joining the Chin-Reithofer group in September 2017 on a PhD studentship. My research experience has included working over the past two summers within the university; with my most recent work focusing on the novel synthesis of solid state materials. In addition to this, I will be collaborating with my sponsors; Graphitene Ltd and Green Port Hull to deliver key research in the renewables sector.

My research will focus on the design and fabrication of functionalised graphene nanocomposites, which can be applied specifically to the wind energy industry.

Guilherme M.D.M. Rúbio

I joined Técnico Lisboa in 2008 where I completed my BSc in Chemical Engineering and my MSc in Chemistry. During that period I have synthesized and characterized, under the supervision of Prof. Armando Pombeiro and Dr. Anirban Karmakar, MOFs with catalytic and sensing properties.
I joined the group in October 2017 to start my PhD under the supervision of Prof. Michael Reithofer

Gypsy the Lab Mascot

Born in Australia, Gypsy moved to Singapore where she lived for 4 years. Subsequently, she moved to the United Kingdom where she enjoys the temperate climate and long walks in the open spaces of the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. Besides being the lab mascot, she is also a massive diva princess and expects lots of worship, cushions (only soft ones, mind you), and chicken (although she really would prefer filet mignon). 

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